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Three New Chocolates for 2016

Sark Mint - Irish Coffee - Ginger

Sark Mint - Irish Coffee - Ginger

All three are available in dark chocolate. Sark Mint and Irish Coffee are also available in milk chocolate.

To order - select the small box of chocolates and then specify which you would like. You get between 8 and 10 chocolates in a box.

Countryfile - BBC TV - Sunday 31 May

Caragh and John Craven

Caragh & John Craven on BBC Countryfile

BBC iPlayerA whole programme on the Channel Islands with John Craven visiting Sark (section runs from 19:30 to 25:40 - Caragh at 23:54). You can also see our excellent Sark dairy herd - suppliers of the most gorgeous fresh cream used in our chocolates - one of the reasons for us being here on Sark! Click here for the programme on BBC iPlayer. (Unfortunately, the recording is not currently available - we are hoping they might do a repeat!)



Now Perfect! Salted Caramels

After extensive trials with our expert tasters we have perfected our recipe. They come in a box of 10 for just £6.99

Salted Caramels

Don't forget, you don't really need an excuse to send your friends (or yourself!) our exquisite luxury chocolates.


New Arrivals

Pink Champagne


Hazelnut Truffle


Make it Personal!

Does a friend have a birthday or an anniversary soon?

Need to say 'thanks' but not quite sure how?

Forget a special occasion and need a gift fast?

Give us the details and we will do it all for you! All you have to do is place your order online letting us know who is going to be the lucky recipient of our chocolates - what message you want to go with them - and we will package your order and send it on its way.

AND EVEN BETTER - our chocolates are packed by hand - which means we can assemble your order to very precise requirements. So, for example, if your friend prefers dark to milk or they would rather not have nut chocolates - JUST LET US KNOW on your order.

OR EVEN BETTER THAN THAT - if you have one or two favourites you'd like us to make sure are included in your assortment - JUST LET US KNOW on your order.





Caragh Chocolates

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Questions and Answers

Q. How long will the chocolates last from purchase?

A. All our chocolates have a three-month shelf life and we are making them every day. Most of our customers struggle to make them last more than a few days!

Q. When is the last date to order chocolates for a guaranteed Christmas delivery?

A. We can guarantee Christmas delivery on orders made before noon on the 18th of December. But we are happy to take orders up to noon on 22nd - but can't guarantee delivery - Royal Mail and the weather may intervene!

Q. Can I order a custom selection of truffles from you’re range?

A. Yes, Yes, Yes! You can choose any chocolates from our range to order. First choose what size of box, small, medium or large and add it to the cart. Then progress with payment where in special instructions you can enter details of the chocolates you want including choices of dark, milk or white. If there is a chocolate you do not want, tell us that as well!

Q. Do we accept all card types?

A. We accept most modern credit and debit cards through our website as well as PayPal. Once on the page where you enter your details you will see an option at the BOTTOM where you click in order to pay using a normal CREDIT/DEBIT card. The PayPal system gives us a secure method of processing your payment plus an alternative for those who use PayPal.

If your question isn’t covered here please use the contact us on the home page of the website where we will respond as quickly as possible to your question

The Best Kept Secrets

Our praliné is renowned the world over


We are known for our legendary praliné, that delicious, creamy, nutty filling in the centre of many of our chocolates.

The recipe has been long established and is jealously guarded as our own secret.

One of the key ingredients of the praliné is the Giresun hazelnut native to Turkey, considered by some to be the best in the world.

Our praliné is made with slow roasted Giresun hazelnuts, caramelised with the perfect balance of sugar and nuts and then blended to make the particles even finer.


Caragh Chocolates is situated on the Island of Sark -we're just out of the village before you reach La Coupee and the beautiful Grande Greve Bay - a comfortable 25 minutes walk.

If you care to visit, we are open all year round.

Whilst a visit might be the ideal way to experience our delicious handmade chocolates, not everyone is lucky enough to have the opportunity.

So, we provide you with the next best thing - our chocolates sent to your home. We have regular clients throughout the UK and other countries in Europe - even some further afield.

You can purchase our chocolates with a few clicks and we will have them on their way to you just as fast as we can!

Caragh Chocolates sells a wide range of hand made chocolates such as Ganaches, Truffles, Pralines and Manons.

You won't be able to resist the rich fresh local Channel Island Cream combined with the purest, most delicious chocolate.

From a traveller on Sark:

"On the way back I had to cross La Coupee again, and not far beyond is the little cottage industry of Caragh Chocolates. Some years back I ordered some as a Christmas gift for a friend in England and they went down well. I was able to see the chocolatiers at work and I enjoyed part of a bar with coffee at the picnic tables outside. Lovely quality, with all that Guernsey milk and cream, and very yummy indeed."



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 Caragh Chocolates

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