Frequently asked questions

Q. How long will the chocolates last from purchase?
A. All of our products have varied shelf lives, with our boxed truffles having a shelf life of 4-6 months and our Chocolate Bars & Shells 12 months.
Q. Do we do Wedding or Corporate event chocolates?
A. Yes, we have two lovely chocolate gift boxes which are perfect for wedding favours and corporate event gifts. Please contact us directly to order. You can choose your chocolates from our range to be included.
Please note we can not offer the Champagne Horses' Heads in the two chocolate gift box due to sizing constraints.
Q. Can I order Horses' Heads separately?
A. You can now order the Champagne Horses' Heads from our shop on the Gift boxes page
Q. What sizes do your gift boxes come in?
A. Our standard gift boxes come with 12 chocolates apart from the Champagne Horses' Heads, which come with 10 chocolates. In addition, the Carriage Collection also comes in a larger gift box of 24 chocolates.
Q. Do we accept all card types? 
A. We accept most modern credit and debit cards through our website as well as PayPal.
If your question isn’t covered here please use the contact us on the home page of the website where we will respond as quickly as possible to your question.